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Key Topics in Primary Care - SEASON 2

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Date Program Name LIVE EVENTS
Individual Viewing &
Group Learning Sessions
Self Learning
March 14, 2017 Episode 1: Novel Approaches to Managing Newly Diagnosed Hypertension Download Download
March 21, 2017 Episode 2: Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis: Swallow or Spray! Download Download
March 28, 2017 Episode 3: Bladder Matters: Discussing Overactive Bladder with Patients in Your Practice Download Download
April 4, 2017 Episode 4: Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome in Men: Diagnosis, Management and Treatment in Primary Care Download Download
April 11, 2017 Episode 5: Staying the Course: Improving Adherence and Maximizing Control in T2D Patients Download Download
April 18, 2017 Episode 6: Getting to TARGET: What Have We Learned from SPRINT, and Which Patients Should Now Be Treated Differently? Download Download
April 25, 2017 Episode 7: To Do or Not to Do: Treating Menopause with Hormonal Therapy Download Download
May 2, 2017 Episode 8: New Lipid Guidelines: Knowledge to Practice Download Download
May 9, 2017 Episode 9: Frequently Asked Questions about the Assessment and Treatment of Osteoporosis for Fracture Prevention Download Download
May 16, 2017 Episode 10: Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency: A Possible Cause of Unresolved Gastrointestinal Symptoms Download Download
May 23, 2017 Episode 11: Treatment-Resistant Hypertension: Taking an Individual Approach to Attain Results Download Download
May 30, 2017 Episode 12: Management of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding: An Evidence-Based Approach Download Download
  Episode 12: Prise en charge des saignements menstruels abondants : Une approche fondée sur des données probantes Download Download