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Treatment-Resistant Hypertension: Taking an Individual Approach to Attain Results

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Running time: 46:54 minutes


Dennis DiValentino, MD
Raj Padwal, MD

This interactive episode designed for family physicians will focus on treatment-resistant hypertension, as defined by blood pressure levels above target despite treatment with three optimally dosed drugs of different classes (or BP controlled with four agents). Through a review of clinical data and case-based discussions, participants will consider prevalence, risk factors, possible causes and appropriate individualized therapies, including setting correct targets and pharmacological combinations for patients with treatment-resistant hypertension. Comments and questions from the audience are strongly encouraged and will be addressed throughout the presentation.

This episode is part of a live CME web series developed for Canadian family physicians, running from March 14 to May 30, 2017. Interested in the rest of the series? Visit www.imedicus.ca.

Program Description

Slide Handouts (Adobe© PDF, 759.6K)

Language: English

Therapeutic areas: Hypertension, Cardiology/Vascular Disease, Family Medicine

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