What is iMedicus?

Over 162 broadcasts
produced since the first iMedicus event took place in November 2012
Over 10,000 viewers
have tuned in to watch the live broadcasts
Over 18,000 times
On-Demand archived programs have been viewed

iMedicus is Canada’s most innovative livestream CME channel for specialists and family physicians!

  • Live online broadcasts (accredited and non-accredited) available online at www.imedicus.ca
  • Viewers can watch via their computer, tablet or mobile phone at the hospital or clinic, at home or from any other location!
  • Canadian and global experts discuss hot topics from a Canadian perspective
  • Interactive Q&A and discussion with panelists. Viewers are encouraged to submit questions throughout the live broadcast by text, tweet, e-mail, or online via chat.
  • HD broadcasts air live at different times for audiences in the Eastern, Mountain and Pacific time zones
  • Videos available for on-demand viewing for 12 months

Target Audiences:

Allergists • Cardiologists • Dietitians • Emergency Physicians • Endocrinologists • Family Physicians • Hematologists • Immunologists • Internists • Neurologists • Nurses • Paramedics • Pediatricians • Pharmacists • Researchers

Therapeutic Areas:

ACS • Cardiology • Diabetes • Emergency Medicine • Heart Failure • Hypertension • Immunology • Inflammatory Bowel Disease • Stroke Prevention