This virtual 3-module series is now available on demand and will provide up-to-date clinical practice information around the management of dyslipidemia for secondary prevention in patients with established ASCVD.

Click the modules below to watch anytime.

Module 1 - Current Dyslipidemia Management in Canada: What do the 2021 guidelines say?

Module 2 - Contemporary Lipid Management for Secondary Prevention of ASCVD: Statin Intolerance, Familial Hypercholesterolemia, and Women

Module 3 - Closing the Gap with Novel and Emerging Therapies

The learning objectives for this series are to:

  • Assess the care gap in lipid management in Canada and the need to prioritize LDL-C as an important modifiable risk factor (Medical Expert, Professional)
  • Apply the 2021 CCS Dyslipidemia Guidelines in clinical practice, and identify which patients will benefit the most from treatment intensification (Medical Expert, Professional)
  • Evaluate the data around siRNA therapy to prevent translation of PCSK9 messenger RNA and decrease concentrations of LDL cholesterol (Medical Expert, Professional)