How to Access iMedicus Programs

Live Events

check On the day of a live event, visit
check Click on the live banner on the homepage or on the live icon in the menubar at the top
check You will be prompted to sign-in for the broadcast
check Video playback will start automatically after completing the sign-in

On-Demand (Recorded) Events

check Visit at anytime
check Click on “Browse”, followed by “On-Demand Programs”
check Alternatively, enter the program title in the search bar at the top of the homepage
check Upon clicking play on the video player, you will be prompted to sign in

Let’s Troubleshoot

Supported Laptop/Desktop Browsers


Windows 7 or later
check Google Chrome
check Firefox
check Internet Explorer 11 (Adobe Flash required)
error_outline Microsoft Edge is not compatible


check Google Chrome
check Safari
check Firefox
check We recommend macOS Yosemite or later (10.10)
Supported Mobile Browsers

iOS (iPhone and iPad)

check Safari
check Google Chrome


check Android is not fully supported, but we have had reports of successful playback using Google Chrome.
error_outline Samsung built-in browsers are not compatible
Internet Connection

Live video playback is best experienced with an high-speed stable connection (at least 2 Mbps). Wi-Fi or cellular connections can sometimes be spotty, so please test your connection speed at:

No Slides?

Slides should display right away but in certain circumstances, they may take up to 15 seconds to show.

If they still don’t show or change throughout the presentation, try to refresh the page.

No Sound?

There is no phone dial-in for audio; please connect headphones or speakers directly to your device

Apple devices: If using external speakers or watching on a separate display, ensure that your audio is streamed to the correct AirPlay device

Ensure your video player is not muted. To do so, tap the video player and untap the mute icon, if required

Still having issues?

Please contact