Does IT make a difference?

Does IT make a difference?

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Peter Lin, MD; James Kim, MD
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On this episode of the Diabetes Update 2022 podcast series, we welcome Dr Peter Lin, a family physician, and Director of Primary Care Initiatives at the Canadian Heart Research Group. Also joining us is Dr James Kim, a general practitioner and steering committee member of the Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guideline.

A safe and proper insulin injection technique is globally recommended to improve blood glucose control. Sadly, most patients receive minimal training in injection techniques. In this episode, our guests discuss what patients need to know about effective and safe injection technique, the impact of needle size and angle of insertion, poor site rotation, advice regarding needles reuse, and resultant impact on patient HbA1c levels. Although the drug is important, the proper delivery of the drug is equally important.

This program was made possible through funding from Becton Dickinson.