Exploring Treatment Strategies for Diabetic Kidney Disease

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Exploring Treatment Strategies for Diabetic Kidney Disease

Stavroula Christopoulos, MD and Normand Proulx, MD
Therapeutic Area

In this episode of the Diabetes Update 2022 podcast series, we are pleased to welcome Dr Stavroula Christopoulos, endocrinologist and assistant professor at McGill University’s department of Medicine, and Dr Normand Proulx who is a physician specializing in nephrology.

Our guests discuss what is cardiorenal syndrome and how common is it in everyday practice? Using a case presentation, they cover practical strategies for improving quality of life while protecting the heart and kidneys, and evidence and recommendations for adding an SGLT2i in these patients along with how to initiate them. As well, what other considerations need to be taken with regards to A1C, eGFR, and concomitant use with other medications?

This program was made possible through funding from Janssen.